Roof Replacement

We have many roof replacement options for your business or residences. From flat business roofing to shingles for your colonial home, we offer a wide variety of options to fit your style.

Steps of a Roof Replacement

  • Making sure a licensed contractor has obtained a residential roofing permit in your county.
  • Steps to starting your roof replacement.
  • Placing plywood down and then placing our dump trailer in the driveway
  • Placing tarps around the home to catch any falling debris from the tear off process
  • Removing the existing roof down to the decking
  • Removing and replacing any damaged or rotted decking
  • Nail the deck to Florida building code
  • Install new self adhering underlayment to the decking
  • Installing new flashing and valley metal where needed
  • Making sure that the correct inspections are called per county code
  • Installing new shingle – metal – tile -flat roof

People tend to overlook their roof as it is something that they don’t look at everyday. Your roof is exposed to all the elements of the outside world.




Roof replacement is a major, primary feature of what is likely one of the most crucial financial investments in the lives of most people. This includes properties that are either residential or commercial. Whether you need to protect your family and personal property, or that of a business, we supply excellent work and materials for this fundamental structure. Because of the substantial nature of this project and the gravity of the commitment involved, it is important you find the right firm with which to do business.


Roof replacement is a major project, and you deserve to have it done right. Make sure the roofing company you use if honest and reliable.


Commercial and Residential

We repair all kind of roofs:

shingle,metal,tile, or flat.